Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Camping, Anyone?

Iain's final birthday present arrived on Monday. It's a tent, but really it's a portable crib.

You may recall that we borrowed a similar item from Benjamin's parents, and Iain slept in it while we visited Seattle. At first, the Little Man wasn't thrilled, but he got used to it and we loved it. Lightweight, portable, plop-downable anyplace, it's stable and comfy. You can zip up the side panels for ventilation or down for darkness. And it's got that fun outdoorsy vibe.

So we asked for one. Except I thought, "you know, Iain grows so fast. Let me see if they have a slightly bigger one." They did. It was about 5 inches longer, the website said.

As you can see, five inches of length on the base translated to a huge difference in volume. This thing feels twice as big as Benjamin's tent. I might have worried that it was too big, but UPS came just after we returned from seeing Dr. W.

So now, knowing that Iain is "Just a little bit bigger than Jupiter" and "just a little bit of a moose" and "just a little likely to be a linebacker" I don't feel bad at all. We needed all that extra room, because in a week or so Iain will be 5 feet tall.

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Erin said...

I LOVE the new banner. I may have to steal the idea. It is beautiful. :)