Monday, April 20, 2009

Beautiful Sunny Day

Not today, of course. Today is crap. But Saturday I took some photos of the most recent additions (or appearances) in the garden.

One of the "free" lilies sent with my Stark Bros trees:

It's actually much farther along, now, because of two days of rain. Also, my new curly-leafed parsley:

I don't know why I seem to be the only person who considers curly parsley to be something other than a garnish. It's really tasty, yet one sees flat parsley everywhere. Pssht.

Lastly, the little lime tree. Not only is it in bloom on a hitherto unprecedented scale, it's already setting fruit. When it started to bloom I began my dance of "out" and then "Oh no! Low temps! Back inside!" It may seem pointless, but one reason to do it is that the tree was outside long enough to have a nice date with a bee/wasp/butterfly and get it's pistils and stamens in a tangle.

Hence: fruit! I can hardly wait for late summer and fall to pick super-strong limes for our Coronas.

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Miriam said...

We have curly parsley too and not as a garnish... it is delicious.