Saturday, April 04, 2009


About 2 months ago, Iain pulled my glasses off. He likes to do that. This time, the right arm broke. Poo.

A trip to the local LensCrafters resulted in elevated blood pressure due to incredibly rude saleswomen (wearing bizarre makeup in quantities sufficient for many small countries), but no repair. So I mailed the darn things to my old eyeglass shop in California. I love that guy. He fixed the arm, gave the glasses back to Charles (who happened to be in Pasadena), and I lived happily ever after.

Except I didn't.

This morning, I pulled off my glasses, wiped off the lenses, and put them back on. Crooked. Ok, pull them off, put them back on, pushing the arms through my hair. Still crooked. OK, look at the glasses. Hm. The left arm is pooching out. Push it back. Pooch.

Sigh. I think the metal is just old. Old and no longer flexible. So now it's broken. And I don't figure sending it to Cali is an option this time.

I'm wearing contacts right now, and I guess I'll finally use them up (I've had them for...a while). Then it'll be off to the optometrist, the eye glass store (not LensCrafters, though - hiss! boo!), and finally I'll have a new pair. Perhaps this time I'll go for a "Snooty Architect" look.


Miriam said...

Ohhh You and I can show off our new eyewear. I am getting new glasses too. And then sending my green ones off to get new lens. So I have two pairs and contacts. Did I mention that my lens alone are $350??!! Yeah... Love being nearly blind. Love it.

Heather said...

You poor thing. You have my sympathies.

Lenscrafters must have a box on their employment application that reads, "Are you perpetually grumpy and unwilling to be helpful to customers. If yes, please give detailed examples."

All those that checked yes are immediately hired-I have yet to see a helpful person in one of those places.