Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quite a Busy Day

We're off to the Kite Festival. After that, dinner with Callie and her staff.

Since we got home from the FM, it's been all kinds of dirt-work. I planted the rosemary and parsley (still too cold at night for the tomatoes), and finally put my dinner-plate dahlias in the ground. When I bought them, I thought "$9.98 for a flower? That's a lot!" But, lo and behold, there were actually 3 little rhizome thingies in each bag. So I was getting 6 flowers, not 2. Yay! Here's hoping I get huge dahlias in a couple of months. The lilies I threw in the bed (my "free gift" for buying trees and shrubs) are finally coming to life, so there should be a lot of living going on in there any minute.

Meanwhile...some little bunny is eating the leaves of my blueberry bushes! I will have to get some chicken wire and re-bar at Lowe's tomorrow morning and fix that. Bad bunny!

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