Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Additions

Moooooom...what're you doing?

Well, for one thing I'm installing this new rainbarrel. It arrived Friday, and I figured out where to put it, reattached the internal overflow guard (detached in transit - thanks Fedex!), and dug out enough gravel to put down 2 cement pavers. I need to put down the other 2, then get a few cement blocks and boost the barrel a bit. It has to be higher than the garden bed or I won't be able to use it for irrigating.

I also planted a ton of marigolds. 6 six-packs makes 36 small marigolds, some red and yellow, some yellow, some orange. They help to keep away bugs (esp. beetles and aphids) and are pretty. In this photo the red ones are already in - try to use your imagination to put in some yellow/orange ones.

Also, you'll see that on the left and right are 2 tomatoes. I put those in on Friday.

So: getting ready to harvest some roof water for gardening. Got the first 2 tomatoes in (planning 2 more), got some pretty-pretties in for color and bug smacking...oh, and I laid down some preliminary drip irrigation. I still need to get those el-hugo staple thingies to hold it in place and re-arrange it so it's more rational. But this is a start.

Meanwhile, I arranged to have 2 cubic yards of soil brought in for the juniper beds (which are sad, friends), and will be planting ground cover there once it's in place. Compost is going well, and I need to source some more flat stone for paths and little boulders for borders. And plant some containers. But other than that, there's nothing to do.

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Jania said...

I need to point out here that Fiona's gardening talent is at least in part a genetic woner. Her maternal great grandmother was said to be quite the competent gardener (and canner), having come from the Canadian North country that makes sense. Secondly, Fiona's father of origin also made a beautiful flower garden, out of a hard pan lot, in Ann Arbor when Fiona was a mere sprout. I have at least one photo to prove it.