Tuesday, May 12, 2009


[Edited to add photo: check out the shine on that ganache. Don't look at the air bubbles.]

Tomorrow, I join my colleagues for a full day of talking on the phone. It will be interesting, but I'm still kind of dreading sitting on my tuchas for a whole day, straining to hear through the speaker phone and taking notes.

Long meetings require food. So my colleague is making an entree pasta salad, another is bringing a nice cool green salad, and I'm ruining the whole "healthy" theme with some ooey, gooey, ganache-coated brownies.

They are in the oven right now. Baking, baking, baking. They contain bittersweet chocolate and Dutch-process cocoa, and butter and mascarpone, and vanilla and eggs and flour and sugar. So, you know, they'll be gross. Once they come out of the oven, I have to make the ganache (dark chocolate, butter, heavy cream). Apparently, one has to spread it while it's still warm...otherwise it gets too thick. ZOMG.

I'll keep you posted. Hopefully, they won't be too nasty. And if they are, well I guess Charles will just have to take one for the team.


SarahHub said...

You know, I always hated conference calls. But I never had one with food. I think yours will end up just fine!

Momma said...

oh yum!!! I think I could sit on the phone and eat those all day long...