Friday, May 01, 2009

Dear Stonewall Kitchen

We have a little problem. Here it is: your Wild Maine Blueberry Jam is too tasty. As you can see above, we're halfway through another jar. Another one. It's all because of this guy:

As you can see, he likes his toast to be toasted, buttered, cut into sticks, iced with said jam, then cut into squares so he can stuff his face and then wipe jam on the highchair, his outfit, the dining room table, his face, his arms, his legs, Mommy, and any other entity that comes within reach.

It makes him happy. Not only does he smile (as you see above), he kicks and bounces and makes goo-goo ga-ga noises. He likes it.

So.....I'm going to need you to either lower the price on your jam or make it slightly less yummy. Because it's going to bankrupt us and probably deplete the Maine blueberry supply.


Miriam said...

You think that he will have that same reaction to homemade fig jam from Miriam's Kitchen? Or will that just be you and me??

Fiona said...

I figure we'll give him a fig and see what happens. Except...aren't figs a mild laxative?


We should check on that.