Sunday, May 31, 2009

Final Garden Update (for now)

First, let's take a moment to enjoy this little picture of our old house in CA. Our friend Dr. C took it while in town on a research fellowship. He says my roses are doing well. Of course, they're not my roses anymore, but...they're my damn roses. So it's good they're healthy. I'm amused to note that the potted agave I put on the front step just before we moved are still there. Gotta love succulents.

But back to reality. This little succulent (see how I'm still obsessing?) started its life as a four-inch plant, just a little something for Charles's office. That was nearly five years ago. On our trip east to Maine, it suffered. Really. It nearly died. But it decided to give us another chance and here you see the results. Happy, healthy little guy.

I planted creeping thyme in various places around the junipers. Just so you know. We'll see how big it gets. I also sprinkled thyme seeds (size: .01 micron, I think.) on the soil, but then the weather stopped cooperating and I doubt they will do much.

The compost pile, churning away and making a nice home for lots of worms. Lawn clippings, leaves and weeds go in, I add a soupcon of kitchen waste as spice, and the pile keeps flattening down, making good yummy compost-y excellence for next year's veggie garden.

I grew cherry tomato plants from seed. I started too late. However, the experiment was successful. here you see one of my little babies. I think he'll be too small for anything interesting to happen this year, but it was a good test and now I have a better idea of what to do and when to do it.
It's been a perfect garden day. Overnight, there was a nice downpour, then all day today brilliant sunshine. That's what a garden loves, and things are delightfully green. We're forecast to be hot, hot, hot tomorrow and Tuesday, but then to be only in the low 80s at the end of the week. At night? In the high 50s. Lovely weather for gardening.


Miriam said...

ohhh Tanable! Love that the door is still red. And excellent work on the garden....I still have figs....O lost count after 67....

Gastronomer said...

Is that the pad in Altadena? It's adorable ;-)